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Washington Elementary

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Washington Elementary School

301 E. Sellar Street
Bessemer, MI 49911





During the remainder of Summer Vacation, Mrs. Simcoe is scheduled to be in the office on August 16,17,18,22,23,24,25,29,30,31, and September 1 from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm. Mrs. Bergquist will be in the office on most weekdays but it is still a good idea to call ahead if you need to come to the school for any reason. If you are calling during off hours, please leave a voicemail. The main office number is 906-663-4515 and Mrs. Bergquists’s number is 906-667-0802. 




Washington Elementary School contains kindergarten through sixth grade students.  The staff is made up of: nine classroom teachers, three Title I teachers, two special education teachers, and teaching specialists which provide students with art, physical education, vocal music, and instrumental music.

Our school firmly believes that attention to the needs of each of our students is integral part of a quality education.  The Washington School staff works under the philosophy that every student is important.  The   teaching staff works tirelessly to get to know each student personally. This allows our teachers to become much more in tune with the individual needs of all of our students.  This attention to detail means that all parents can expect their children to receive a personalized, high-quality education where teachers can better address the individual learning styles of our students.   

The Washington Elementary School still offers specials that rival the offerings of larger schools. We are proud to offer a full core curriculum while also providing students with opportunities to participate in computer technology programs, physical education, choral music, band, and art.  In addition, each of our Kindergarten and First Grade students have been supplied with iPads and Second through Sixth Grade students have been supplied with access to Chromebooks. We also have a computer lab that all students are able to utilize.