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Bessemer Area School district is a high achieving school district dedicated to providing a learning experience that challenges our students to go beyond their own expectations and to respect the value of learning. We are very proud to offer our students an extremely high quality education in Washington Elementary School and A.D. Johnston School. Our staff possesses a level of caring, compassion and dedication that is unparalleled. Our core values are responsibility, life-long learning and success.




December 22nd, 2014 to January 2nd, 2015

 The students and staff of Bessemer Area School District want to wish everyone a safe & healthy holiday season!


Mr. David Radovich,  Superintendent    District Office  (906) 667-0802
Mr. Dan VanderVelden, Principal      A.D. Johnston  (906) 667-0413
Mrs. Christine Bergquist, Business Manager   District Office (906) 667-0802
Mr. Tim France, Food Service Director& Athletic Director, (906) 667-0802 or 667-0413



To address outstanding needs at our schools please consider donating to the following organizations below. Use the contact information listed.
Friends & Alumuni at Bessemer Schools. 
Renee Annear
1800 Hadley, Bessemer MI 49911 
(Yale Location)
Bessemer Booster Club
Mr. Bill Stieger (President)
East US 2, Bessemer MI 49911

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