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about 21 hours ago, Susan Raykovich
flyer advertising kindergarten registration
It was quite the exciting time today when 2nd grade students played Sight Word Stack.
2 days ago, Susan Raykovich
4 students making tower out of cups
Due to the predicted inclement weather, the Bessemer Area Schools will be closed on Friday, March 17, 2023.
7 days ago, Jeannine Simcoe
Due to inclement weather, the Bessemer Area Schools will be closed on Friday, March 17, 2023.
Rainbow fun in kindergarten. Getting ready for the pot of gold perhaps???
8 days ago, Susan Raykovich
kindergarten students working on rainblow craft
smiling girl with rainbow craft, other students in the background
girl and two boys working on rainbow craft
girl holding up rainbox craft
It's not too late! The WES Book Fair is happening this week. Here's a link to Scholastic page:
9 days ago, Susan Raykovich
details regarding book fair
Mrs. Toth's 2nd grade made posters during a Solid Start science lesson. In small groups they researched ways humans can prevent wind and water from changing the Earth. They created posters of different solutions such as levees, ditches, trees and plants, and seawall. Their posters included and explanation, a picture, materials, benefits and challenges.
9 days ago, Susan Raykovich
drawing of water, sky and tree
drawing of sand, tree and sky
drawing of sand, fallen trees and sky
drawing of wind and tree
Mrs. Aijala's Pre-Calculus class celebrated "Pi Day" today. What a yummy way to learn!!
9 days ago, Jeannine Simcoe
Mrs. Aijala's Pre-Calculus class celebrating "Pi Day".
After making Leprechaun Catchers, second grade students in Ms. Toth's class presented them to the class and explained how their traps worked.
10 days ago, Susan Raykovich
table filled with student leprechaun catchers
2 girls presenting class project
boy and girl presenting class project
2 boys presenting project
Come support the kids and enjoy the show!
13 days ago, Susan Raykovich
flyer about figure skating show
Is it really ever too cold outside to eat ice cream?
16 days ago, Susan Raykovich
ice cream cone with sale information
Recess can be exhausting!
17 days ago, Susan Raykovich
2 students laying down in snow
Congratulations to two of our student athletes: Brooke Stanislawski for her All Conference, 2nd Team nomination & Daniel Lis for his All Conference, Honorable Mention nomination in the Porcupine Mountain division 🏀👏
17 days ago, Kassi Huotari
brooke graphic
Daniel Lis graphic
No further explanation needed!
20 days ago, Susan Raykovich
4 leave clover and pot of gold bulletin board
Congratulations to Arabella and Eastynn for winning the Design an Ad contest through the Daily Globe. The girls are pictured here with Art teacher, Rachael Hendges.
20 days ago, Susan Raykovich
Teacher and two girl students holding newspaper
More pictures from Read Across America Week.
20 days ago, Susan Raykovich
Students and teacher holding up Green Eggs and Ham craft
Students making Green Eggs & Ham craft
Students making Green Eggs & Ham craft
Students making Green Eggs & Ham craft
Please spread the word...
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Flyer regarding youth baseball and softball
For your information..
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flyer regarding school dental visit
Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Washington Elementary the week of March 13th.
22 days ago, Susan Raykovich
information regarding book fair e-wallet
Reminder: Today, March 1, 2023, is an early dismissal day for the Bessemer Area School District. Students will be dismissed at 11:17 AM with busses running their regular routes. Also it is parent teacher conference day!
22 days ago, Kassi Huotari
March 1
Lots of fun celebrating Read Across America Week - staff and students alike!
23 days ago, Susan Raykovich
students and teacher wearing Cat in the Hat hats
two women wearing Dr. Seuss hats
teacher wearing Dr. Seuss hat